Fat Transfer

When people hear the word fat, they usually think only of negative things. But at New Age Cosmetic Surgery, we dispel that myth each and every day. We offer fat transfer procedures to the citizens of Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding area.

Our fat transfer doctors have come to us from the best medical programs, with experience to back up their cutting-edge expertise. At New Age Cosmetic Surgery, you will be paired with a fat transfer surgeon you will feel comfortable with. As you may know, fat transfers work by taking fat from one area of your body and adding it to another. Fat transfer is useful for a variety of cosmetic enhancements, including the treatment of wrinkles and the reinforcement of attractive body contours. If you have any questions, you can always feel free to call New Age Cosmetic Surgery to speak with a fat transfer specialist. With our fat transfer doctors, you will receive the fat transfer procedure you want, that’s right for you, and that will enhance your look and your life.

Why Choose Us?

  • Board-Certified Anesthesiologist on Staff
  • Arizona Medical Board
  • Committed to Continual Education and Learning
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Evening Appointments Available
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • We Have Our Own Surgical Facility
  • Comfortable, Welcoming Atmosphere

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